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Boats & Yachts Warranty

Norfolk Boat Sales are pleased to announce their partnership with Boats & Yachts Warranty, the marine industries leading extended warranty provider.

Although boating is fun for you, it takes place in an environment that can be hard on your boat.  A salty atmosphere, rough seas, heavy engine loads and pressures etc. can all take their toll on your craft, the engines, and its components. This makes Boats & Yachts Warranty extended Warranty Plans an essential investment.

Why do I need a Boats & Yachts Warranty?
Your boat is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life, so why leave it without mechanical breakdown protection?

Every year owners are left unprotected when their craft manufacturer's warranty expires leaving them vulnerable to large repair bills.  Modern vessels are complex and can be expensive to fix if they go wrong, the high labour charges alone can be an expensive business.   With a 'Boats & Yachts' warranty you can extend your mechanical cover for up to 20 years.

If you are buying a 'Used' Boat from us, these are generally "sold as seen" after being pre-purchase checks made by an independent Marine Surveyor.  A Boats & Yachts Warranty extended Warranty Plan add a layer of protection to your purchase and lets you buy a 'used' boat with peace of mind.

Protection throughout Europe
A Boats & Yachts Warranty will give you complete protection if your craft breaks down anywhere throughout Europe.  No other warranty company covers more of your vessel, plus, all their Warranty Plans include a maximum of ?750 for the actual cost of Hoist/Haul-Out and storage, to facilitate diagnosis or repairs as standard.

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