Norfolk Boat Sales

Boat Warranties

Via our warranty provider we offer coverage for all types of boats and yachts.

These Warranty Plans are designed to pay for repair costs, or the replacement costs, of any covered components that have suffered breakdown during the warranty period, whilst your boat or yacht is within the geographical limits specified in your Warranty Plan.

Subject to this, you are covered up to the single and aggregate repair limits as stated on your Warranty Schedule.

Peace of Mind
Whenever your craft requires repairing, you can sit back knowing you will have no expensive repair bills to pay, or complicated repair forms to fill out.

Hassle-Free Claims
All claims are paid directly to the dealership or repair facility of your choice within the geographical limits.

Hoist / Haul-Out & Storage
All Warranty Plans pay up to £750 for the actual cost of Hoist/Haul-Out and storage to facilitate diagnostics or repairs.

Transferable Warranty
Warranty Plans may be transferred to a subsequent private purchaser at the time of your craft sale.

Renewable Warranty Plans
You may renew your craft warranty for as long as you own the craft, subject to age and engine hours.