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Choosing and Buying a Boat

Norfolk Boat Sales, choosing a boat

Making the right choice when choosing a boat …

Choosing a boat can be tricky, particularly if you are new to boating. There are many factors to take into consideration including, size, design features, running costs and of course, budget.

Our team of friendly, professional Brokers are here to help. They have huge experience and almost encyclopedic knowledge of boats, which you can use to your advantage when choosing your boat.

We are able to help with all aspects of boating …

What’s the difference between a stock boat and a brokerage boat?

A ‘stock boat’ is  boat that belongs to Norfolk Boat Sales – these are boats we have purchased (usually as part of a part exchange on a previous sale).  Stock boats will have been through our workshops, serviced & checked over and are sold with 3 months ‘back to base’ warranty – warranties can vary from boat to boat, please check what is covered on a particular boat . 
Brokerage Boats belong to private owners.  Norfolk Boat Sales ‘acts’ on behalf of an owner to sell their boat – just like an estate agent selling a house.  Brokerage boats will not have been inspected it, so for peace of mind, we strongly recommend that buyers have the boat inspected and/or surveyed before buying it.

Choosing a Boat Dealer …

Norfolk Boat Sales are members of the ‘Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents’ (ABYA).   As part of our membership, Norfolk Boat Sales follows their code of conduct.

This means we keep our customers’ money in a separate client account until a transaction completes,  it also ensures we can guarantee that checks are made regarding the ‘title’ of the boat and that we transfer boat ownership correctly.

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