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2018 Delphia 1150 Voyage POA

Delphia 1150 Voyage Quick Specifications

10.8 (metres)
3.45 (metres)
0.9 (metres)
Water Tank:
Fuel Tank:

With pleasure we introduce to you the new model of the Escape range, Escape 1150 Voyage.

Luxurious and Modern Cruiser with Daytime Living Space and a sunfly option.

The vessel is the first model with distinguished daytime and night time living space. Thanks to the saloon and galley lifted to the deck the room designated to relax and fun is separated from the sleeping area.

Escape 1150 Voyage combines the advantages of a houseboat with the performance of more powerful motorboats. It is agile, manoeuverable and features excellent visibility and a shallow draft.

The open cockpit, saloon with luxurious sofas and swim platform stand for the daytime space. The galley and saloon are situated next to the skipper‘«÷s seat so that everyone can sit together while sailing no matter if they are willing to sunbathe, prepare a meal or sit comfortably.

On Escape 1150 Voyage you will find a lot of space to enjoy the sun. In the Sunfly option the roof is arranged as a big mattress perfect to relax in the sun all day long.

Under the deck of Escape 1150 Voyage you can also chill out and make yourself comfortable and peaceful in one of the 2 spacious cabins with bathroom and shower.

3 engine options and 2 bow thrusters allow adjusting speed to individual needs. A design category B gives an opportunity of a cruise both on seas and inland waters.

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