Boats For Sale Under 20k

Kerry - 01/04/2016

If you are a first time buyer looking for a starter boat, look no further, we have a good selection of boats at under ?20,000

  • Merry Fisher 625, 2009 fitted with a 100hp Yamaha O/b  ?19,950  Under Offer
  • Falcon 27 1990 fitted with Volvo 205hp petrol engine  ?19,950
  • Seamaster 813 1978 fitted with a BMC 1.5l diesel engine  ?14,950
  • Isis 700 circa 1990 fitted with a Mitsubishi 30ho diesel engine  ?14,950
  • Freeman 24 fitted with a Nanni diesel engine   ?11,500
  • Freeman 23 fitted with a Ford 35hp petrol engine  ?9,999
  • Seamaster 25 fitted with a Perkins 47hp diesel engine  ?9,995
  • Freeman 23 fitted with Ford petrol engine  ?8,995  Under Offer
  • Bounty 27 1978 fitted with a BMC 1.5l diesel engine  ?8,950
  • Birchwood 25 circa 1980 fitted with a Beta 26hp diesel engine  ?8,500
  • Fairline Vixen  1974 fitted with Volvo petrol engine   ?4,500  Under Offer

Please do come for a look around our sales berths at either Wroxham or Brundall, if we do not have what you are looking for we can use our extensive database to help you find the perfect boat.

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